My Drumming Skills & the Hierarchy of Competence

I had a great childhood. Growing up with my three older brothers and three younger sisters was nothing short of beautiful. One of my brothers, Jerry, was exceptional at playing set drums. He probably still is. He played remarkably well since the age of about 6 and won awards at it. But his skills were a child’s play compared to what I believed I could do with drums. I created phenomenal beats in my head and with my mouth and couldn’t wait for the right time to unleash my genius.

Once Upon a Time When Storytelling Changed My Life

Once upon a time, in the summer of 2014, December 8th to be precise; I arrived in the quietest city I had ever been, Auckland. That will probably make no sense to you if you compare Auckland to the rest of New Zealand. But, you see, I hadn’t been to the rest of New Zealand at that point. It was also my first time outside Africa.